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How to find the right MUA for your special day.

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This one is for the bad bitches out there with the shiny rock of love on your finger. This week, we are focusing on bridal prep for your big day, and to all of the single folks out there, I feel your pain *a single tear*. To those who are riding the single wave, do not fret; you will find your person in due time.

Being a bride is an overwhelming experience filled with ups and downs and a lot of money spent… and that is just on the flowers. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, how the fuck does a single gal know how stressful this all is? And to answer that, I do not know it for myself. However, I have been around many brides, and with the intel I have gathered, it seems like the worst time in the world. But, I want to make it easier for you all. Well, at least on the makeup side of the house.

Searching for the right MUA (makeup artist) for your special day should not be taken lightly. Do not skimp out on this part of your day. Many brides will spend thousands upon thousands for their venue, food, decor, dress, etc. But, many will cringe when they hear about the cost of a makeup artist. I get it though... you might be saying to yourself 'Well I have a friend that is good at makeup so I will just use them.' Or, you might think because you are good at makeup, you can do your own. Whatever the case, hiring a professional will be worth every cent.

Let's say you have your friend do it: they might not have the right professional, high-quality products, your friend might not realize this is more than just an everyday makeup look, your friend might not know how to apply the makeup to ensure it stays and slays all night long. You or your bestie might be AMAZING at makeup, but will they be amazing at bridal makeup? Do you want to look washed out in photos that will last you a lifetime? Do you want to have mascara or eyeliner running down your face because you or your bestie figured that l'oreal “waterproof” eyeliner would do the trick? Do you want half of your face melted off? This makeup will need to last all day and night. And, you will most likely be stressed out; and, if you are anything like me, then you get the stress sweat. Do you want your stress sweat to ruin your makeup? Do you want to worry about doing your makeup? Do you want to be worried about Becky getting too drunk off her mimosas to do your makeup? NO! You do not! I am sorry babe but bestie Rebecca probably does not know how to make your glam slay and stay through the stress and sweat all day and all night. Also, this is no shade to the Beckys out there… I am friends with a Becky myself. While she is the bomb, girly does not know how to do makeup but she is a boss bitch with hair. The point is, if you are going full send on your wedding, why stop at makeup? You want to feel nothing but peace and calmness on your special day. You deserve to splurge on the luxury of having a professional makeup artist to help you relax and feel so beautiful on your special day.

Now, here are some things to consider before booking your artist:

1. Does the artist specialize in the makeup look you are going for?

There are different specializations out there: from full-beat glam to soft glam. If you want something light and soft, you’re not going to want to hire the artist that only posts pictures of clients in a dramatic smoked-out makeup look, and vice versa.

2. What is your skin like and WHEN are you getting married?

Do you have dry, oily, combo skin? Do you have any skin issues such as eczema or cystic acne? Are you getting married- winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall? The seasons impact our skin differently, and that is something you need to consider when booking an artist. If you have oily skin and are getting married in the summer, you might want to find someone who specializes in airbrush makeup or does a full beat. (we will get into airbrush later for those that have never gotten it done.) If you have dry skin and are getting married in the winter, you might want to go with an artist that specializes in a more dewy look.

Within the topic of skin, it is a good idea to diligently take care of your skin at least six months before your big day. If you want your makeup to look as flawless as possible, a clean and exfoliated base is the way to go. Makeup does not hide dry patches, texture, or any other natural and normal skin concerns. Depending on the severity, it can conceal or make it appear more defined. Skin prep is often forgotten or lost with clients, and that is the fault of the artist not giving you the advice you should be given. At the end of the day, if something is out of your control, do not fret. Your MUA will always work as hard as possible to minimize skin concerns. It is also important to remember that makeup does not filter what you already have. What you already have is beautiful and normal. This section is more for those who have more control over their skin. And, if that is you, I am jealous.

3. Pinterest inspo photos

Something I have noticed, not just with brides, is a client showing an inspirational photo off Pinterest that is heavily edited, and the client expects it to look like that. I do love an inspo photo, they can sometimes come with problems: whether it be heavily edited or different bone structure and face shapes. Do not expect to look like a filtered photo. If you do, I will believe you are an AI bot and that is scary. So, I will run away from you. You are not going to look like that person in the photo as we are not plastic surgeons. Also, you are not a cast member of The Lion King needing to restructure your face. And that is not to say we won’t contour you to the gods, but we can only do so much when it comes to altering the bone structure of your face. Do not let this deter you from not getting your makeup done or not bringing an inspo photo-just do not walk into your trial thinking you will leave looking like J-Lo. None of us are J-Lo, sadly, we will never look like her.

4. Do not request something that you would not normally wear!

Many brides get so excited about having a professional makeup artist for their special day; so, they feel like they should go balls to the wall with their makeup look. However, this could end up being something you regret one day. I have heard numerous former brides talk about how they did not even recognize themselves in their photos. Or, they look back and hate the way they look because they thought they should do something different. This is a magical day that you will want to look back on and have the most wonderful memories. You want to look back at a photo of yourself and be like “damn, I looked good.” You want to look like you but elevated: a more dramatized version of your day-to-day makeup look. If you never wear black eyeliner, why would you on your wedding day when you have a photographer following you around all day? If you never wear red lipstick, why would you on your wedding day? It reminds me of that one Adam Sandler SNL skit, Romano Tours; he goes on about how if you are not happy where you are now, you will not feel happy just because you are in Italy on a gondola. The same thing applies here; if you do not like how you look in big, voluminous lashes, you will not like how you look in them on your wedding day. You want to feel like the most confident self on your wedding day, and the way to do that is to be as comfortable as possible. Do not change how you look, but enhance your already beautiful features. PS: same goes for hair.

5. Location, location, location

Some artists you will want to book with may be out of your area, and if that is the case, there will most likely be a travel fee. Travel fees are an extra cost when it comes to hiring an artist that is out of your area. This is something to consider when booking an artist if you are trying to not expend too much money. However, like I said before, it is worth splurging for a makeup artist.

6. Trials

Bridal trials are EXTREMELY important. They help you decide several things: how well you and your artist click, a better understanding of their artistry, and a good idea of what you want and do not want on your day. Most likely, an artist will already have a trial included in their overall price, some may offer it pro-bono, and some may not offer one. If your artist does not bring up a trial or you do not see anything about a trial in your contract, be sure to ask your artist if they can do one for you. Once you are at your trial, if you do not like how you are looking, please please please speak up. Your MUA is there to service you and to make you feel beautiful. If you do not like something, we do not want you to have it! I understand being scared to speak up, but this is what a trial is for, and it will help us help you better.

All in all, this day is about you and only you. You want to look and feel as confident as possible, and with the help of a professional makeup artist, that will be one less thing you will need to worry about. It is our job to help make you look and feel like a princess and the most confident version of yourself. And remember to ALWAYS embrace and love the most confident version of yourself. Have the most magical day!

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